Rent Our Church

Our church has plenty of space for various activities and meetings.  

Currently we host an AA group, Boy Scouts Troop 516, and MPress Dance Studio.

We do not currently have times available on Sunday, as there are 3 churches worshipping in our building on that day.

Here are some of the places that can be used for your meeting or event.

1. Gymnasium
Gymnasium has a stage, and is connected to a kitchen.  It is where a coffee hour happens and is about  2,670 sq.ft. It was renovated in 2018.

2. Fireplace Room
There is a piano in this room and it is a good place to have a small group meeting.  Currently it is used for one AA group, Bible Studies and meetings. It is about 600 sq.ft.

3. Sanctuary
Our sanctuary is in 2nd floor of the main building, about 2,700 sq ft.  It can accommodate 264 people..  There are an organ and a multi-function digital piano.  

Please call or email if you are interested.